We love custom making your Weighted Blanket with a fabric choice that you know yourself or your children will love.

We always do our best to meet the request for you as we know how improtant it can be sometimes to have just the right fabric design. 

Our blankets are made for weight not warmth. We mostly use 100% cotton fabrics which in general is more breathable than polyester fabric, and hence superior for cooling.

If you wanted one for warmth then we could make one with a nice warm plush polar fleece on one side for you. 

All of our blankets have been designed and made in conjunction with qualified Occupational Therapists who can recommend the right blanket choice for you. We suggest consulting with your therapist if you are unsure on the size or weight you require.

General recommendation is 5-10% of a childs body weight depending on the severity of the condition or syndrome. The blanket will not be harmful if it is too heavy, in most cases the child will take it off when it gets uncomfortable. 

If you are interested in a La Burp Weighted Blanket we would love to hear from you contact@laburp.com

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