Sensory Toy Pack ( Only one available)
A Pack full of Occupational Therapy Toys for Children.

The pack includes:

x2 Magentic Caterpillar Puzzles
x4 Hero Flips
x4 Spiky Massage Balls
x2 Ultra Putty 50g
x2 Squishy Water Snakes
x1 Jelly Dinosaur
x1 Large Squishy Spiky Face
x1 Mini Squishy Spiky Face
x1 Medium Squishy Spiky Face
x1 Squishy Slime Hedgehog
x1 Squishy Tongue Popping Fish
x1 Squishy Slime Pig
x2 Blow Up Dinosaur Balloon
x1 Monster DIY Putty
x2 Spinning Light Up Balls
x1 Wind Up Happy Hoppers
x1 Squishy Jiggly Face
x1 Light Up Squishy Dinosaur 

Total RRP Value = over $190


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