When learning to write, some children have difficulty developing proper pencil grip. Holding a pencil with proper grip and strength can make a big difference in a child’s handwriting. Parents and teachers can use strategies to help children improve the strength in their hands, how they hold their pencil, and the overall appearance of their handwriting.

The proper way to hold a pencil is called the tripod grip. The tripod grip is the best way to use hand muscles when writing. The child holds the pencil with their thumb and index finger, while the pencil rests on their middle finger. See an example below.
Once a child has learned an improper grip, it can be difficult to teach them to use the tripod grip. Some children learn the tripod grip naturally, while others need help from parents and teachers. It is recommended to teach the tripod grip when a child learns to write his or her own name, generally around age 5.

For children who have significant difficulty developing the tripod grip after consistent guidance and practice, try using tools to assist your child with grip development. There are some highly rated tools by parents, educators, and specialists these are shown below:

The Jumbo Grip 

The Original Pencil Grip 

The Crossover Pencil Grip 

The Pinch Grip 

The Bumpy Grip 

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